Who Am I?

First, let me apologize because I will not be able to give many specifics regarding my personal and professional life. I have an agreement with my husband and my children that while I can certainly write about them, I will not use their names and images without their consent. I also cannot give specifics regarding where I work because my School District has a very strict social media policy. However, what I can do is to give you more specifics about myself. I guess I will not be violating or breaking anything if I just write about me.

I have been an educator for 20 years. Just to make the story short, anything that you can think of that a person can do at a school, I think I have done at least 95% of them. This would include teaching all subjects and all grades in a K-8 school. I also taught at a High School for 4 years. Currently, I am an administrator but I still scheduled myself to teach a class everyday so that I wont get rusty.

I have 5 children. My oldest is 24 years old and my youngest is 8 years old. While sometimes I consider my husband as my 6th child, he is a nice and caring man, and I love him dearly.

I love to travel, cook, and eat. I also like to watch movies and play tennis with my husband and children.

Like all mothers and teachers around the world, I do my best with the time and resources that God has given me. And when everything is said and done, my  hope is that I would have helped make this world a better place for my children and grandchildren.

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